Robert Whitney

Geek, Gamer, Blogger, breaker of things & destroyer of @world. I'm also a master of legendary status at social distancing. I was social distancing before social distancing was cool. When I'm dead and rotting in the ground, I'll probably still have a bouncer connected to IRC. There is no place like ::1.
Stay safe from COVID, stay at whenever possible. If you must leave your localhost then stay within the Definitely don't go out to without top of the line AntiVirus protection and a good Firewall.

Permeteu-me que em presenti en catalĂ 
A Modern Guide to hardening Linux

Posted by Robert Whitney

A brief introduction to hardening Linux in 2020.

Gentoo Quick Install Guide

Posted by Robert Whitney

A step by step guide on how to install Gentoo Linux from the minimal installation ISO

Tor Web Server Cluster on Raspberry Pi

Posted by Robert Whitney

How to run your own cluster of webservers behind tor on raspberry pi.

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